Our Story:

In January of 2014 several members of a local church met and shared the same goal to address the issue of domestic minor sex trafficking and the growing need for rehabilitative care for children rescued from sex trafficking. Over the course of several months, the team formalized a name, mission statement, and the ultimate goal of acquiring a home in the country to provide long-term restoration and rehabilitation to young girls rescued from sex trafficking.  We continued to educate and mobilize the community and are currently working on our capital campaign to raise funds necessary to build our residential treatment facility.

Our Director:

Our executive director, Bobbi Starr, first learned about the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children in 2009, while attending the National Center for Victims of Crime conference. At the time, Ms. Starr was the Prevention and Awareness Coordinator for the Sexual Assault Support Center in Columbus, Georgia. Upon learning about the issue and the need for restoration homes for sexually exploited children, she obtained a B.S. degree in Sociology and a Master’s in Public Administration & Justice. Ms. Starr tailored her education to study the issue of child sex trafficking, the common vulnerabilities of victims, the absence of advocacy, and the need to address the Demand side of child sex trafficking. Ms. Starr has been a victim advocate and community activist in Columbus, Georgia for over twenty years and she and the Micah’s Promise team and board members are dedicated to fighting commercial sexual exploitation of children and providing a path of restoration for stolen childhoods