8 Warning Signs of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Know the Warning Signs

Child Sex Trafficking can hide in plain sight.

8 Warning Signs Learn the signs to be a better advocate for children in our community.

1. An older boyfriend.

A significantly older boyfriend creates an unequal power dynamic where a child can be easily controlled.

2. Change in mood or behavior.

A child is not able to process why and how they are in this situation. The trauma may manifest in changes to their personality.

3. Sexually explicit media presence or profile.

Sexually exploited children may appear sexually aggressive in their social media postings.

4. Material possessions they cannot afford or account for

It is illegal for a child to profit from sexual activity yet predators may manipulate, control and continue to exploit children by providing them phones, clothes, nails & hair.

5. Multiple sexually transmitted diseases.

Children should not contract STDs - especially multiple cases or occurrences of STDs.

6. Chronic runaway or homeless.

Children that repeatedly runaway may be trying to escape a bad situation or unknowningly returning to a controlling predator they believe will care for them.

7. Tattoos or branding.

Traffickers treat children as property and may mark the child with the trafficker's name or money signs.

8. Family history in commercial sex industry.

A family normalization of sex work makes a child especially vulnerable to being trafficked.

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