Northside High School Concludes "In it to End It" Campaign with a Public Training on DMST Awareness

February 7th is End It Movement’s Shine A Light on Slavery Day. You may have noticed the red “X”s on hands or even donned one yourself. The students of Northside wore the red X and did so much more.


Marketing teacher and DECA club leader, Mrs. Emily Styers, assisted a team of passionate students as they led a school-wide campaign to bring attention to the movement.

The students put together a multi-step campaign.

They filled the cracks in the school pavement with red sand to illustrate how human trafficking is often overlooked.

They set up a doll box in the cafeteria to show how trafficking objectifies people.

They posted attention-grabbing statistics that showed the size of human trafficking as an industry.

And they invited Micah’s Promise to present evidence-based training and actionable steps to parents, teachers, and fellow students on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

Micah’s Promise is both grateful and optimistic that our future holds young Freedom Fighters that will be an advocate for those that are unable to speak for themselves.

The work of these Northside High students has:

  • Made their parents and peers aware of the omnipresence of Human Trafficking.

  • Presented actionable steps to protect teens from online grooming and Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

  • Equipped their community with the signs to look for and ways to help if someone they know is being trafficked.

  • Planted the seeds to reduce future demand for human trafficking.

We’re grateful for NHS efforts and their choice to involve Micah’s Promise.

Micah’s Promise offers training that is free and open to the public monthly. Just see our Events Page for the latest information.

We also offer the Not A Number curriculum for classroom settings and Stewards of Children for adults that oversee groups of children. Please contact to learn more.

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