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First Lady of GA Marty Kemp visits Micah's Promise

From left to right : Elizabeth Glass, Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson, Grace Glass, Bobbi Starr, Marty Kemp, Dr. Kim Glass, Landy Sudduth, Cindy Sparks, Pam Bone, Betsy Ramsay, Catherine Trotter, Worth Williams, Olivia Perkins, and Karon Henderson

From left to right : Elizabeth Glass, Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson, Grace Glass, Bobbi Starr, Marty Kemp, Dr. Kim Glass, Landy Sudduth, Cindy Sparks, Pam Bone, Betsy Ramsay, Catherine Trotter, Worth Williams, Olivia Perkins, and Karon Henderson

Earlier this summer, the Micah's Promise Board, Executive Director, Bobbi Starr, and several dedicated advocates had the opportunity to host First Lady of Georgia, Marty Kemp for a luncheon to discuss the efforts being made in the Columbus area to combat sex trafficking and Mrs. Kemp's vision for a stronger collaboration across the state.

Mrs. Kemp has worked hard her first year in the Governor's mansion to bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking. One way has been through the creation of the GRACE Commission.

The GRACE Commission is comprised of public officials, law enforcement, for-profit and non-profit organizations, faith-based institutions, and subject matter experts to tackle human trafficking, seek justice for victims, and hold bad actors accountable.

Fundraising Update


At the end of September, we reached $1.3 Million towards our goal of $1.5 Million to build a therapeutic treatment center for girls 12-17.

From Bobbi Starr, Executive Director of Micah's Promise :

Dear Freedom Fighters,

I am excited about the updates and progress I have to share with you! The Lord has been moving in mighty ways and bringing strategic advocates who have helped us reach $1.3 Million of the $1.5 Million dollars we need to break ground on our therapeutic treatment facility!! Once we complete our Capital Campaign, we expect to be providing care to child survivors within a year. This is the most exciting time in my 10 year journey of studying and fighting the issue of DMST. Micah’s Promise is actively engaging at the state level with the Georgia Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force as well as continuing to provide evidenced based, trauma informed trainings to our community.

Along with our encouragement and excitement is also the hard reality that the need for this therapeutic treatment center is only growing greater by the day. Already this year, over 1,000 children in Georgia, have been identified as victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. I know these numbers make this issue seem daunting, but I also know the power of one person’s persistence and the change that is possible when caring people engage and work together for the good of the most vulnerable and worthy amongst us…our children.

We have many exciting events on the horizon and will be hosting an “On the Table” event at 8:30 am on October 22nd at Christ Community Church and would love to see you and would appreciate you sharing with friends, family and colleagues about our work.

In closing I pray that each of you remain blessed, protected, and especially encouraged that you have played a role in the advancement of our mission to see the Restoration of Stolen Childhoods.


Bobbi Starr

Hebrews 10:35-36

So do not throw away your confidence (hope); it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.




Northside High School has been implementing a public relations campaign to bring awareness and education to the issue of Human Trafficking.  They have invited Micah's Promise to provide a FREE evidence based training night for parents, teachers, and students to learn actionable steps to put into place.

The upcoming evidence based training is on February 6th at 6 PM in the Northside Auditorium.  At the training we will discuss:

  • How predators lure children from online interaction on sites like Snapchat and Fortnite.

  • The life of a child victim - the national average age of first trafficking is 11!

  • Which children and teens are most vulnerable to trafficking.

  • Rules for online safety

  • How we can reduce demand

  • And more!

The presenter will be Micah’s Promise Executive Director Bobbi Starr.  Ms. Starr holds a Masters degree in Public Administration & Justice. She has been a victim advocate and community activist in Columbus, Georgia for over 20 years.  She has taught a Human Trafficking course for the Criminal Justice Department of Columbus State University. Micah’s Promise is part of the official Georgia State Human Trafficking Task Force. To learn more visit www.micahspromise.org

If you have questions about the upcoming training please email Emily Styers at styers.emily.v@muscogee.k12.ga.us

Congratulation Wellspring Living on opening Tiny House Village for Graduates

Recently, we celebrated the completion of our mentors, Tiny Home Village for Wellspring Living graduates at their ribbon cutting ceremony!

Officially named "J & J Village," this beautiful nine-home community is a solution to the housing need for Wellspring Living's adult women program graduates. As survivors continue building their new life, this transitional housing provides them with a safe place that gives them dignity, respects their recovery, and further impacts their families' futures.

Eighty companies, 29 churches, and over 2,000 volunteers are a part of the fantastic efforts in making this three-year dream a reality! We are inspired by what can happen when people come together.

Micah's Promise is also grateful to have the chance to thank First Lady of Georgia Marty Kemp, who was in attendance for her support in the fight against trafficking! Micah's Promise loves our Mentors at Wellspring Living and the hopeful example they set in helping others.

Find out more about Wellspring Living at wellspringliving.com

5th Annual Community Roundtable on DMST with Kevin McNeil

This year’s Annual Community Roundtable Training was a SOLD OUT EVENT.

Micah’s Promise had the privilege to welcome in a special keynote speaker. Former Special Victims’ Detective Kevin McNeil is an author and speaker that uses his unique combinations of experiences to share a powerful message about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

Former Detective Kevin McNeil was presented with a proclamation from the City of Columbus. Mr. McNeil presented us with his personal survivor story and insight on how the judicial system treats other survivors. He shared the difficulty of boys and men to disclose child abuse. Finally, he ended strongly with a call for proactive demand reduction efforts.

Kevin McNeil has also written several books for advocates, families, and children that walk the reader through the signs, effects, and ways to combat the sexual abuse of children.

Community Advocates from around our city and state were in the room as well. It was a great time to see the collaborative nature of our community in action: sharing knowledge, motivating each other, and addressing the big picture.

Northside High Students Win DECA State Competition with Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

We are proud as punch for the Northside High School DECA Team.

Earlier this year they chose Micah’s Promise to be the local beneficiary of their week-long anti-trafficking campaign. Presenting the facts of the issue was a top concern of the students. They contacted Micah’s Promise for evidence-based training and research.

There are local ripple effects from the attention and prevention training MacKenzie White, Cheyanne Brosmann, and their teacher Emily Styers delivered in their Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign. But the team did not stop there.

The students recently presented their campaign at the statewide DECA Competition and WON FIRST PLACE.

So now these talented and passionate high schoolers are taking their campaign NATIONAL. They have been invited to compete on the National DECA level in Orlando, Florida.

A dedicated local news correspondent, Anjelicia Bruton, came by the Micah’s Promise office to interview Executive Director Bobbi Starr. Ms. Starr shared the impressive nature of young people that not only want to fight to traffic but do so with facts and evidence-based training. Sometimes it takes the young advocates to draw the attention of adults.

You can get involved too.

The 5th Annual Community Training on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking is coming up. This year’s keynote speaker is Army Veteran and Former Special Victims’ Detective Kevin McNeil. Learn more about the annual training here: micahspromise.org/annualtraining

Micah’s Promise also host monthly lunch and evening training in downtown Columbus: free training listings

View the full WRBL News Story by Anjelicia Bruton here: Northside High Students are headed to National Deca Competition

Delta Sigma Theta invites Micah's Promise to Share at Dodging the Danger Health Fair

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority invited Micah’s Promise to join in the Dodging the Dangers: a women and girls’ heath fair.

Participants received health screenings, total body care tips, self-defense strategies, and recommendations to avoid risk factors such as domestic violence, sex trafficking, sexually transmitted infections, and mental/physical health disorders.

We are grateful for Delta Sigma Theta acknowledging the link that Domestic Violence can lead to Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

For the full news story visit: https://www.wrbl.com/news/local-news/columbus-metropolitan-alumnae-chapter-of-delta-sigma-theta-hosted-dodging-the-dangers/1791059717?fbclid=IwAR3wVHOUSX36tHfw4BG-0QHKPHY2BoMBEOKmovQ1EN7ECGI_TSrINAApRUU

Northside High School Concludes "In it to End It" Campaign with a Public Training on DMST Awareness

February 7th is End It Movement’s Shine A Light on Slavery Day. You may have noticed the red “X”s on hands or even donned one yourself. The students of Northside wore the red X and did so much more.


Marketing teacher and DECA club leader, Mrs. Emily Styers, assisted a team of passionate students as they led a school-wide campaign to bring attention to the movement.

The students put together a multi-step campaign.

They filled the cracks in the school pavement with red sand to illustrate how human trafficking is often overlooked.

They set up a doll box in the cafeteria to show how trafficking objectifies people.

They posted attention-grabbing statistics that showed the size of human trafficking as an industry.

And they invited Micah’s Promise to present evidence-based training and actionable steps to parents, teachers, and fellow students on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

Micah’s Promise is both grateful and optimistic that our future holds young Freedom Fighters that will be an advocate for those that are unable to speak for themselves.

The work of these Northside High students has:

  • Made their parents and peers aware of the omnipresence of Human Trafficking.

  • Presented actionable steps to protect teens from online grooming and Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

  • Equipped their community with the signs to look for and ways to help if someone they know is being trafficked.

  • Planted the seeds to reduce future demand for human trafficking.

We’re grateful for NHS efforts and their choice to involve Micah’s Promise.

Micah’s Promise offers training that is free and open to the public monthly. Just see our Events Page for the latest information.

We also offer the Not A Number curriculum for classroom settings and Stewards of Children for adults that oversee groups of children. Please contact info@micahspromise.org to learn more.

See the full WRBL report here: https://www.wrbl.com/news/local-news/northside-high-school-students-spread-awareness-for-domestic-minor-sex-trafficking/1763368163?fbclid=IwAR3ExJXlpoyJio7Ctma2LSsQ7BtodQJ10C7UfavYFj4_p5_TTA6zNLZg_RE.

City of Columbus, GA declares Micah’s Promise Day and recognizes National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Left to Right: Dr. Kim Glass (Board Member), Sgt Gregory Starcher (Team Member), Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson (Board Member), Bobbi Starr (Executive Director), Susan Rogers (Board Member), Kristen Jones (Team Member), Northside High School Principal Marty Richburg, City Manager Isaiah Hugley, John House (District 10), and Charmaine Crabb (District 5),

Left to Right: Dr. Kim Glass (Board Member), Sgt Gregory Starcher (Team Member), Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson (Board Member), Bobbi Starr (Executive Director), Susan Rogers (Board Member), Kristen Jones (Team Member), Northside High School Principal Marty Richburg, City Manager Isaiah Hugley, John House (District 10), and Charmaine Crabb (District 5),

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019 the City Council of Columbus, Georgia declared it Micah’s Promise Day.

This was part of the city’s proclamation acknowledging January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Executive Director Bobbi Starr presented to the City Council with the visible support of Micah’s Promise board members, long time supporters, and recently trained advocates.

This is community in action.

Among those that joined Ms Starr to speak before the council were several representatives from Northside High School. Principal Marty Richburg and Marketing Teacher Emily Stryer watched proudly as two DECA students spoke about domestic minor sex trafficking. McKenzie and Cheyenne are high school students that have built a campaign to bring awareness and prevention training to their peers. They are collecting “loose change to loosen chains”; bringing Micah’s Promise in for a special evening presentation to parents, kids, and teachers; and staging multiple events on school campus to reach their peers.

The proclamation acknowledges that the city of Columbus acknowledges January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month and February 5th as Micah’s Promise Day.

Human Trafficking Awareness month was created by Presidential Proclamation in 2011 by then President Barack Obama and observed on January 11th. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children is a form of Human Trafficking or Modern Day Slavery and 300,000 American children are victims or vulnerable to Sex Trafficking yearly in the United States.

In 2016, 468 children in the state of Georgia were identified as victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children or Human Trafficking, with over 90% having a history of childhood sexual abuse, 89% with history in the foster care system, and the average age of 14.

Micah’s Promise has been educating and mobilizing the community since 2014 through community trainings, collaborations, and partnerships to address the issue of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. As an official partner agency with the State Human Trafficking Task Force through collaborating and cooperating on a state level using combined resources and shared information to fight human trafficking in our state.

Thank you Mayor B.H. “Skip” Henderson III for proclaiming Tuesday, February 5, 2019 Micah’s Promise Day.

This is an abbreviated video that only focuses on the Micah’s Promise Proclamation. View the full video of the council meeting on CCG TV’s YouTube Channel



Micah’s Promise Board Member, Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson, alongside our Executive Director, Bobbi Starr, were among those honored at a local luncheon.

The luncheon was to show appreciation for facilitators of the Stewards of Children training developed by Darkness to Light.

Stewards of Children is an evidence-informed training program that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program is designed for parents, youth serving organizations, and other concerned individuals. Child sexual abuse happens in Columbus, GA, so learn the facts.

Micah’s Promise believes in the 5% tipping point of community awareness to help end child abuse.

You can find out about upcoming teachings in our community on our Events Page.

For the full news story visit WRBL at https://www.wrbl.com/news/local-news/stewards-of-children-honor-local-leaders-working-to-protect-children-from-child-sexual-abuse/1744037955