Randy Fuller’s Fundraiser for Micah’s Promise

Local Minister to hike 2,200 miles on the Appalachian Trail as fundraiser and to bring awareness to local nonprofit fighting child sex trafficking, Micah’s Promise

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After a repeated battle with cancer, Randy said goodbye to his bride, Kosa, of 25 years. He and their three children have slowly begun to find out what life looks like without her. 

Their family shared a passion for travel and exploring nature. As part of his healing process and to discover what God has next for him, Randy is honoring his wife by traveling the Appalachian Trail with her ring around his neck and alongside their dog Gus. They will depart on March 22, 2019.

Many have asked how they can support Randy in this season. He wants nothing more than your prayers as he sets off on this journey of releasing and healing his wife's memory.  If you are still looking for meaning ways to offer support, Randy has decided to sponsor Micah’s Promise with his efforts.

awareness for MICAH’S PROMISE

Fuller is hoping that the 14 miles he hikes daily, until arriving at Mount Katahdin, Maine in August/September  will bring awareness to Columbus non profit Micah’s Promise. Fuller believes men can play a very active role in ending domestic minor sex trafficking by driving down the demand for paid sex.  “ As a father of three wonderful children who are now adults, I became aware of minor sex trafficking and decided this is wrong and I want to do something to promote awareness of the problem. Sex trafficking of children stands against everything I believe in as a father and minister.” Traffickers would not continue to lure our sons and daughters in a life of trafficking if there was not an audience waiting to buy them.  A single Atlanta trafficker can make $33,000 a week off the sale of our children (Shapiro, 2018).

*** (I self-funded this hike, so your donation goes directly to Micah’s Promise. Also, your donation is tax-deductible. Upon donating, GoFundMe will automatically send you a receipt for your donation that can be used for tax purposes. Thank you all for all your generosity!!!)

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coins per mile

You can pledge by designating a coin per mile Randy hikes.

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