New Human Trafficking Legislation shared with Columbus City Council

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Executive Director Bobbi Starr went before Columbus City Council on 23 July 2019.

The city council meetings are an excellent opportunity to keep our city officials up to date on the fight to end Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and the victories won along the way.

On this day she shared the news that Governor Kemp passed legislation that means no children can be charged with prostitution. This ends the criminalization of children. Under 18 they are a child, the victim of a crime, and should be treated as such. The Department of Family and Children Services has to provide therapeutic services for children identified as victims of DMST.

The buyers of sex trafficked children now reach a higher penalty. Traffickers of children can now face 25 years to life in prison.

Micah’s Promise is a partner organization with the Georgia Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force.

As a partner agency with the task force we created a flyer for Work Group II (Youth Aware and Safe) which promotes the identified best practice curriculums for our school systems. There are seven identified best practice curriculums for Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and schools can access this information here:

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We created a flyer for our school systems and are working collaboratively to disseminate this information throughout the state by providing our school Superintendents the information. (School TARG Flyer)

In order to have the most effective impact we created a flyer to inform parents. This allows parents to engage and advocate for the identified best practice curriculums as well as learn more about the prevalence of sexual abuse, exploitation, and prevention. (Parent TARG Flyer)

The most important thing is the fact that not only are we fighting to restore sex trafficked children, we need to stop it, we need to prevent it! And prevention is key. Building Towards Wellness Coalition received Columbus Crime Prevention grant funds to offer the Stewards of Children curriculum free in our community. Stewards of Children curriculum teaches adults “how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse”.

The most important thing is the fact that not only are we fighting to restore sex trafficked children, we need to stop it, we need to prevent it!

If we can prevent childhood sexual abuse, we can prevent the majority of trafficking because the majority of trafficked victims were first sexually abused in early childhood. Recently, Shelley Hall, the Director of Victim's Witness, was conducting a Stewards of Children training and she made the point that if at the leadership level of our community (City Council) if you required city employees to attend stewards of children training we would reach our tipping point.

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Micah’s Promise wants to challenge city council to take the training. The city is already paying for it. Columbus made it free to the community. It's just a two hour training. We will bring it to you.

“I don't see why we can't get our HR department to see if we can orchestrate some of these training events throughout the city and we'll see if we can get involved in that as well.” - Mayor Henderson

Congratulation Wellspring Living on opening Tiny House Village for Graduates


Recently, we celebrated the completion of our mentors, Tiny Home Village for Wellspring Living graduates at their ribbon cutting ceremony!

Officially named "J & J Village," this beautiful nine-home community is a solution to the housing need for Wellspring Living's adult women program graduates. As survivors continue building their new life, this transitional housing provides them with a safe place that gives them dignity, respects their recovery and further impacts their families' futures.

80 companies, 29 churches, and over 2,000 volunteers are a part of the amazing efforts in making this three year dream a reality! We are inspired by what can happen when people come together.

Micah's Promise is also grateful to have the chance to thank First Lady of Georgia Marty Kemp who was in attendance for her support in the fight against trafficking! Micah's Promise loves our Mentors at Wellspring Living and the hopeful example they set in helping others.

Find out more about Wellspring Living at

5th Annual Community Roundtable on DMST with Kevin McNeil

Columbus City Councilman Dr. John House (far right) and Micah’s Promise Executive Director Bobbi Starr presents Kevin McNeil with a proclamation from the city.

This year’s Annual Community Roundtable Training was a SOLD OUT EVENT.

Micah’s Promise had the privilege to welcome in a special keynote speaker. Former Special Victims’ Detective Kevin McNeil is an author and speaker that uses his unique combinations of experiences to share a powerful message about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

Former Detective Kevin McNeil was presented with with a proclamation from the City of Columbus. Mr. McNeil presented us with his own personal survivor story and insight on how the judicial system treats other survivors. He shared on the difficulty of boys and men to disclose about child abuse. Finally he ended strongly with a call for proactive demand reduction efforts.

A matter-of-fact discussion on the cost of paying for judicial and rehabilitation costs versus a proactive approach of demand reduction efforts.

Kevin McNeil has also written several books for advocates, families and children that walk the reader through the signs, effects, and ways to combat the sexual abuse of children.

Community Advocates from around our city and state were in the room as well. It was a great time to see the collaborative nature of our community in action: sharing knowledge, motivating each other, and addressing the big picture.

You can get involved too.

Don’t miss next year’s Annual Training or any other events.

Northside High Students Win DECA State Competition with Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

MacKenzie and Cheyanne at the City Council meeting where Micah’s Promise Day was declared.

We are proud as punch for the Northside High School DECA Team.

Earlier this year they chose Micah’s Promise to be the local beneficiary of their week-long anti-trafficking campaign. Presenting the facts of the issue was a top concern of the students. They contacted Micah’s Promise for evidence-based training and research.

There are local ripple effects from the attention and prevention training MacKenzie White, Cheyanne Brosmann, and their teacher Emily Styers delivered in their Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign. But the team did not stop there.

Northside High School Marketing Teacher and Deca Club Sponsor Emily Stryers

Northside High School Marketing Teacher and Deca Club Sponsor Emily Stryers

The students recently presented their campaign at the statewide DECA Competition and WON FIRST PLACE.

So now these talented and passionate high schoolers are taking their campaign NATIONAL. They have been invited to compete on the National DECA level in Orlando, Florida.

A dedicated local news correspondent, Anjelicia Bruton, came by the Micah’s Promise office to interview Executive Director Bobbi Starr. Ms Starr shared the impressive nature of young people that not only want to fight trafficking but do so with facts and evidence-based training. Sometimes it takes the young advocates to draw the attention of adults.

WRBL Correspondent Anjelicia Bruton covering all angles of the story by visiting the Micah’s Promise for follow up interview.

You can get involved too.

The 5th Annual Community Training on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking is coming up. This year’s keynote speaker is Army Veteran and Former Special Victims’ Detective Kevin McNeil. Learn more about the annual training here:

Micah’s Promise also host monthly lunch and evening trainings in downtown Columbus: free training listings

View the full WRBL News Story by Anjelicia Bruton here: Northside High Students are headed to National Deca Competition

Delta Sigma Theta invites Micah's Promise to Share at Dodging the Danger Health Fair

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority invited Micah’s Promise to join in the Dodging the Dangers: a women and girls’ heath fair.

Participants received health screenings, total body care tips, self-defense strategies, and recommendations to avoid risk factors such as domestic violence, sex trafficking, sexually transmitted infections, and mental/physical health disorders.

We are grateful for Delta Sigma Theta acknowledging the link that Domestic Violence can lead to Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

For the full news story visit:

Northside High School Concludes "In it to End It" Campaign with a Public Training on DMST Awareness

February 7th is End It Movement’s Shine A Light on Slavery Day. You may have noticed the red “X”s on hands or even donned one yourself. The students of Northside wore the red X and did so much more.

Marketing teacher and DECA club leader, Mrs. Emily Styers, assisted a team of passionate students as they led a school wide campaign to bring attention to the movement.

The students put together a multi-step campaign.

They filled the cracks in the school pavement with red sand to illustrate how human trafficking is often overlooked.

They set up a doll box in the cafeteria to show how trafficking objectifies people.

They posted attention grabbing statistics that showed the size of human trafficking as an industry.

And they invited Micah’s Promise to present evidence-based training and actionable steps to parents, teachers, and fellow students on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

Micah’s Promise is both grateful and optimistic that our future holds young Freedom Fighters that will be an advocate for those that are unable to speak for themselves.

The work of these Northside High students has:

  • Made their parents and peers aware of the omnipresence of Human Trafficking.

  • Presented actionable steps to protect teens from online grooming and Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

  • Equipped their community with the signs to look for and ways to help if someone they know is being trafficked.

  • Planted the seeds to reduce future demand of human trafficking.

We’re grateful for NHS efforts and their choice to involve Micah’s Promise.

Micah’s Promise offers trainings that are free and open to the public monthly. Just see our Events Page for the latest information.

We also offer the Not A Number curriculum for classroom settings and Stewards of Children for adults that oversee groups of children. Please contact to learn more.

See the full WRBL report here:

City of Columbus, GA declares Micah’s Promise Day and recognizes National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Left to Right: Dr. Kim Glass (Board Member), Sgt Gregory Starcher (Team Member), Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson (Board Member), Bobbi Starr (Executive Director), Susan Rogers (Board Member), Kristen Jones (Team Member), Northside High School Principal Marty Richburg, City Manager Isaiah Hugley, John House (District 10), and Charmaine Crabb (District 5),

Untitled design-4.png

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019 the City Council of Columbus, Georgia declared it Micah’s Promise Day.

This was part of the city’s proclamation acknowledging January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Executive Director Bobbi Starr presented to the City Council with the visible support of Micah’s Promise board members, long time supporters, and recently trained advocates.

This is community in action.

Among those that joined Ms Starr to speak before the council were several representatives from Northside High School. Principal Marty Richburg and Marketing Teacher Emily Stryer watched proudly as two DECA students spoke about domestic minor sex trafficking. McKenzie and Cheyenne are high school students that have built a campaign to bring awareness and prevention training to their peers. They are collecting “loose change to loosen chains”; bringing Micah’s Promise in for a special evening presentation to parents, kids, and teachers; and staging multiple events on school campus to reach their peers.

The posted City Council Meeting Agenda

The proclamation acknowledges that the city of Columbus acknowledges January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month and February 5th as Micah’s Promise Day.

Human Trafficking Awareness month was created by Presidential Proclamation in 2011 by then President Barack Obama and observed on January 11th. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children is a form of Human Trafficking or Modern Day Slavery and 300,000 American children are victims or vulnerable to Sex Trafficking yearly in the United States.

Northside High DECA Students McKenzie and Cheyenne speak with City Council

In 2016, 468 children in the state of Georgia were identified as victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children or Human Trafficking, with over 90% having a history of childhood sexual abuse, 89% with history in the foster care system, and the average age of 14.

Micah’s Promise has been educating and mobilizing the community since 2014 through community trainings, collaborations, and partnerships to address the issue of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. As an official partner agency with the State Human Trafficking Task Force through collaborating and cooperating on a state level using combined resources and shared information to fight human trafficking in our state.

Thank you Mayor B.H. “Skip” Henderson III for proclaiming Tuesday, February 5, 2019 Micah’s Promise Day.

This is an abbreviated video that only focuses on the Micah’s Promise Proclamation. View the full video of the council meeting on CCG TV’s YouTube Channel


News Coverage of Stewards of Children Facilitator Appreciation Luncheon

Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson, Micah’s Promise Board Member

Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson, Micah’s Promise Board Member

Micah’s Promise Board Member, Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson, alongside our Executive Director, Bobbi Starr, were among those honored at a local luncheon.

The luncheon was to show appreciation for facilitators of the Stewards of Children training developed by Darkness to Light.

SoC Luncheon-3.png

Stewards of Children is an evidence-informed training program that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program is designed for parents, youth serving organizations, and other concerned individuals. Child sexual abuse happens in Columbus, GA, so learn the facts.

Micah’s Promise believes in the 5% tipping point of community awareness to help end child abuse.

SoC Luncheon-2.png

You can find out about upcoming teachings in our community on our Events Page.

For the full news story visit WRBL at

Northside High School Community Training on Understanding DMST

The presenter will be Micah’s Promise Executive Director Bobbi Starr.  Ms Starr holds a Masters degree in Public Administration & Justice. She has been a victim advocate and community activist in Columbus, Georgia for over 20 years.  She has taught a Human Trafficking course for the Criminal Justice Department of Columbus State University. Micah’s Promise is part of the official Georgia State Human Trafficking Task Force. To learn more visit

If you have questions about the upcoming training please email Emily Styers at

Northside High School has been implementing a public relations campaign to bring awareness and education to the issue of Human Trafficking.  They have invited Micah's Promise to provide a FREE evidence based training night for parents, teachers, and students to learn actionable steps to put into place.

The upcoming evidence based training is on February 6th at 6 PM in the Northside Auditorium.  At the training we will discuss:

  • How predators lure children from online interaction on sites like Snapchat and Fortnite.

  • The life of a child victim - the national average age of first trafficking is 11!

  • Which children and teens are most vulnerable to trafficking.

  • Rules for online safety

  • How we can reduce demand

  • And more!

Northside High Student have been documenting their campaign on  Instagram .

Northside High Student have been documenting their campaign on Instagram.

Save the Date: Community Roundtable Training Announced

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April 11, 2019 - 5th Annual Community Roundtable Training on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Featured speaker, Army veteran and former Special Victim’s Detective Kevin McNeil, joins Micah’s Promise this year as we share about the reality of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) and the roles of men.  Young boys, alongside the girls, fall victim to DMST through family members, coaches, and online gaming. Men are taking action by learning how to respond to abuse, bringing awareness to DMST, and advocating for demand reduction.


Bobbi Starr, Executive Director of Micah’s Promise, 706.507.0825,

Micah’s Promise seeks to raise awareness about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) by providing prevention and awareness education and building a therapeutic treatment center for girls aged 12-17.  The Annual Community Roundtable on DMST is one of those public trainings. Each year professionals actively working to end DMST are brought together to share lessons, insights and trainings from their advocacy experience.  

2019’s keynote speaker will be Army veteran and Ret. Det. Kevin McNeil.  McNeil is an advocate and author that is uniquely positioned to address the commercial sex trafficking of minors from personal experience as a survivor of abuse, special victim’s detective and educator.  Other presenters will be announced closer to the event date. Past roundtables have included veteran law enforcement from Columbus Special Victims Unit, government sector Georgia Cares representatives, licensed child psychiatrist and child sex trafficking survivor advocate keynote.

Additional information will be made available on as date approaches.

May Newsletter

The Exchange Club

Bobbi Starr and Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson had the privilege of speaking with the Exchange Club of Columbus this month! The Exchange Club is an organization dedicated to building a better community in Columbus, Georgia. Our executive director, Bobbi Starr, spoke about the mission of Micah's Promise and encouraged the members to learn more about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. The Exchange Club gave a generous donation from their Child Abuse Prevention Committee and we are so grateful!

Columbus Metro Black Nurses Association

Micah's Promise board member, Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson, acted as the keynote speaker at the recent Columbus Metro Black Nurses Association, where she presented on the Commercial Exploitation of Children and received a proclamation!

New Horizons Behavioral Health

New Horizons Behavioral Health recently held their second annual Children's Mental Health Symposium at the Columbus Regional Library. Board members Elizabeth Glass and Dr. Kim Glass had the opportunity to present about Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking to professionals in the System of Care 

Not a #Number

Micah's Promise team members, Bobbi Starr and Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson, have recently been certified by Love 146 to teach the Not a #Number curriculum to middle and high school students! This curriculum is designed to prevent trafficking by teaching vulnerable teens about the danger of trafficking and how to protect themselves. Bobbi and Dr. Brett will begin teaching very soon!  

Community Training!

Micah's Promise recently hosted a community training at Christ Community Church. Keisha Head, a survivor of human trafficking and a nationally recognized speaker, gave her powerful testimony and explained what the problems are in our area. Afterward, she led a breakout session where social workers and more brainstormed what it would take to protect the children of Columbus. Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson and Sandy Chavira also led Stewards of Children breakout sessions for educators who attended the training.


Micah's Promise has a booth at Junque Yard Antiques and we are asking for donations to sell!

If you have books, lamps, furniture or other things in nice condition, please email or call Elizabeth Glass and we can schedule a pick-up! We will give you a donation letter for things that you donate!
This is a great way to help Micah's Promise and finish up that summer cleaning!!!

Freedom Run!

Be on the lookout for a Freedom Run coming your way this August! This is going to be an event led by many young Christian men who have a heart for God and the widows and orphans of this community.


Congratulations to our director, Bobbi Starr, for her recognition by the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy as the Stewards of Children facilitator of the month!  Each month, the staff from GCCA selects one of our state’s facilitators to be in the spotlight. They were very impressed with what they witnessed on April 12th  and all they have heard about her over the past several months.  The GCCA is the child advocacy center in Atlanta that is leading the child abuse prevention initiative for our state with the Stewards of Children training. To learn more, go to

We now have the architectural plans finalized for the Girls Therapeutic Treatment Facility! We are currently presenting these plans to funders and would love your continued prayer and support for both this facility as well as an office space for our team. We are so grateful to our supporters for helping us reach $760,000 of our $1,500,000 goal! If you are considering supporting us, please remember that every donation has an impact and regular givers (of any amount) sustain the work of restoring stolen childhoods! Because Micah's Promise now has 501c3 status, all donations are tax deductible! 

July Newsletter



Board Member Spotlight: Dr. Kim Glass

Growing up on a farm in Alabama, I have loved animals from an early age. Since becoming a veterinarian, I, unfortunately, have seen so many abused animals and have always done whatever I can to help them. It has always been my goal to be a voice for those who don’t have one. When I first heard about Micah’s Promise, I knew God was telling me that these girls needed someone to advocate for them. I simply do not understand how someone can hurt and take advantage of young children, especially in this way of DMST. Micah’s Promise is working so hard to raise awareness for this issue and to rehabilitate victims of this horrible industry. I am honored to be a part of this organization and am so grateful to God for all the doors He is opening for Micah’s Promise.


Volunteer Spotlight: Olivia Perkins

I'm Olivia Perkins and I am from Columbus, Georgia. I have wanted to fight human trafficking for years and a few months ago, multiple people told me that I needed to contact Micah's Promise executive director, Bobbi Starr, because she needed someone to help write newsletters. I was really excited about the opportunity because I love to write and I am passionate about fighting human trafficking, especially in my hometown! I was able to attend the April training lead by survivor Keisha Head and afterwards I felt this calling even stronger than ever. I was able to meet with Bobbi afterward and began working on a newsletter just a few weeks later! This is the second one I've had the opportunity to write and I look forward to many more to come! Micah's Promise is an incredible ministry that the Lord is powerfully moving through and it is my privilege to share what He is doing with the people that are supporting us!  

Coming Up! 

Be on the lookout for some awesome opportunities to support Micah's Promise in the next few months!

Starting in August, Micah's Promise will start our "Engaging the Body" campaign. We will be reaching out to churches in Columbus with hopes of gaining the support of the local Christian communities. This is an incredible opportunity for churches to answer God's call in Isaiah 61:1, to proclaim freedom to the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners. 

We have a super exciting bowling fundraiser coming up this October so be on the lookout for more information about that! 

Finally, the Big Dog Jingle Run for Freedom will be on December 15th! Please come run and support Micah's Promise! More details will be headed your way shortly, but mark your calendars! 


Columbus State University

Columbus State University has now added a course in their Criminal Justice department dedicated to educating students about human trafficking. It will be taught by Micah's Promise Executive Director, Bobbi Starr, who says, "It is a gross celebration, we are so grateful to CSU's Criminal Justice Department for creating this course due to the fact that human trafficking has grown exponentially in the past few years, but this provides us another avenue in the fight for the restoration of stolen childhoods".

Love 146 and Project Change

Last month, Bobbi Starr and Dr. Brett Murphy-Dawson earned their certification to teach the Love 146 curriculum that educates young teenagers about the dangers of trafficking. In the past few weeks, they have been teaching this curriculum to a group of teenagers in a program called Project Change that is based out of New Horizons Behavioral Health. Please keep Bobbi and Dr. Brett in your prayers as they conclude this class over the next few weeks. It is a very difficult topic, but God has been moving in a lot of these kids' hearts!

Micahs promise on the air.jpg

Micah's Promise on the Air!

We want to celebrate our partnership with PMB broadcasting! They invited Bobbi Starr to the station for an interview that will be airing on Saturday and Sunday so be listening to any of their stations! Q107.3, Kissin' 93.3, 103.7 Lite FM, Boomer 102.5, 106.9 Rocks, Hip Hop 106.5, Classic Rock 105.5, and 95.3 Kissin' Legends will all be raising awareness for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and highlighting what Micah's Promise is doing in the community! We are so grateful for PMB broadcasting for everything they are doing to restore stolen childhoods! 
"And who knows but that you were put in your position for such a time as this" Esther 4:14

Praises and Prayer Requests!

praises and prayers.jpg


Thanks to a generous donor, we have now acquired office space in a fantastic location! We will hopefully be moving in within the next few weeks! Pictured above is our Executive Director, Bobbi Starr, signing the lease agreement!

therometer july.png

We are now $25,000 closer to our capital campaign goal! Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support us, even the smallest amount puts us closer to restoring stolen childhoods! If 1,000 people donated $10 a month, it would add up to $120,000 annually! If you would like to donate, Micah's Promise has the incredible opportunity to raise new monthly support! Every dollar that YOU donate or pledge by September 1st will be matched up to $25,000!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the kids who are receiving the Love 146 training now and for the kids who will receive it in the future!

That doors of foundations and the philanthropic community in Columbus would open as we feel a sense of urgency to reach our campaign goal and meet the needs of girls across the state and farther

Please also pray against the devil's schemes! That hearts would be broken over this fight and that traffickers and buyers would turn away, "For we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12

We are reaching out to the prayer warriors in the community to join us in the fight against the real enemy!

Silent Auction Fundraiser News Coverage

WTVM News 9 covered Micah’s Promise silent auction fundraiser.

The fundraiser was held at the Lake Pines Event Center and included a silent auction with items from local artists. The purpose of the event was to bring awareness to the need of a home for sex trafficking victims.

”This issue is so large. This issue is terrible. It affects our children and the average age for this is getting younger and younger. The average age is now 11. If we don’t do something about it and if the faith-based community doesn’t do something about it, who will?” says Bobbi Starr, executive director of Micah’s Promise.
— Olivia Gunn, WTVM

View the full article on WTVM 9 website here:

Ministry in Columbus raises awareness of human trafficking

Ledger Enquirer addresses DMST in Columbus

From left, Bobbi Starr, executive director of Micah’s Promise, and Lt. Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick, sit in front of a statute at the Public Safety Building. Both women are working to combat sex trafficking in Columbus.  ALVA JAMES-JOHNSON AJJOHNSON@LEDGER-ENQUIRER.COM

From left, Bobbi Starr, executive director of Micah’s Promise, and Lt. Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick, sit in front of a statute at the Public Safety Building. Both women are working to combat sex trafficking in Columbus. ALVA JAMES-JOHNSON AJJOHNSON@LEDGER-ENQUIRER.COM

Micah’s Promise proactively seeks opportunities to work collaboratively with others enlisted in the same fight. Columbus Police Department Lt. Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick and Bobbi Starr were interviewed by the Columbus Ledger Enquirer about the growing concern of domestic minor sex trafficking in Columbus, Ga.

Dent-Fitzpatrick said she couldn’t provide statistics on how many cases her department has handled over the past 12 months because the CPD is transitioning to a new system. However, she said it’s a growing problem in the community and the Columbus Police Sex Crime/Special Victims Unit has ramped up its response.

The unit was recently recognized by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for making the most cyber arrests (10 in one quarter) in Georgia.

She said the unit is getting the necessary training to adapt to technology that has made sex crimes more prevalent.
— Alva James-Johnson, Ledger-Enquirer

Read the full article on the Ledger-Enquirer here: Sex trafficking of minors a growing concern in Columbus

WRBL Special Report on Sex Trafficking in Columbus, GA

Micah’s Promise is fighting Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), also known as Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) with evidenced based, victim centered, survivor informed, prevention and awareness education and the creation of a therapeutic treatment facility.

Part of the path to building a therapeutic treatment facility is getting the community to understand that DMST is already affecting our community.

WRBL covers the reality of sex trafficking in Columbus Ga and meets with several organizations and the Columbus PD to get first hand reports of the problem.

See the original full article here: